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Meet Dottie

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Dottie was born 22nd July 2016.

Her temperament is just so sweet. She is quite quiet, never gets in trouble because she behaves so well. She is friends with all the animals on the property, including chickens, cats and Alice the Cattle Dog, is happily carried around by our Grandchildren and is extremely cuddly.

She will make the most beautiful Mother because her little heart is just so kind.

Dottie is a Maltese/Registered with Dogs Qld.
Certified Pedigree 4100212878

Meet Falcor


Falcor McLovin was born 3rd March 2018.

He is such a boy! Very playful and mischievous. He is always looking for someone or something to play with. Falcor is also very cuddly and loving. He is friends with everyone and every animal on the property and is very respectful of the Cattle Dog. He was named after the Luck Dragon from the movie The Neverending Story.

He will make a gorgeous Father because he will play with his pups and wants no responsibility!

Falcor is Maltese/Registered with Dogs Qld.
Certified Pedigree 4100230394

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